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The Alamo, Newhall Chapter

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Most of my LA friends will know the area from which we have just returned — it is the land between Lancaster and Los Angeles, which basically provides all the “rural village” scenery used by most TV shows and movies. Think of any episode of Criminal Minds shot in Brussel Sprouts, Kentucky or Poplar Hollow, Pennsylvania. You’ll find it there. You know, stuff like this place, Halfway House. It’s where Jason Gideon wigged out on Criminal Minds. It’s where Jenny bought the farm on NCIS. There’s also Vasquez Rocks, which was every rocky planet you ever saw on Star Trek.

Anyway, this area is also home to the hulking phantoms of old hippie communes and, in later years, the place we used to call Wackystan — the Tony Alamo Church. Tony was the nutty pastor who made sequined denim jackets for the rich and famous, and had a formidable printing concern with which he printed pamphlets about the Jesuit Conspiracy to enslave us all to the Church of Rome. They were hilarious. Larry and I looked forward to seeing them under our windshield wipers — they were funnier than high satire. Tony eventually stuffed his late wife into a freezer and promised her eventual resurrection. When he failed on that, and the Rhinestone Cowboy days rode off into a neon sunset, the followers abandoned him for some other half ass cult. However, the church is still there — no idea who runs it, but it’s there. I am wondering about the basement freezer though.

We reached our destination, Newhall. The directions we had were insanely circuitous. It sounded like we were going to Oz. When we hit the huge gate with a passcode, we knew we were going through the Looking-Glass. There were MASSIVE homes. Huge ones. Immense. No, really. Sheik sized.

Anyway, the camper shell we had come to purchase did not fit, despite promises to the contrary, so we left empty-handed. Had a lovely drive — happy to report the aqueduct is full and the rolling hills are greenish. We ate at Crazy Otto’s, which is itself an E ticket ride.


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February 5, 2015 at 9:45 pm

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“A Room in the House of the Ancestors”

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Melody Clark’s newest — On special for .99 on Amazon.


On special for .99 on Amazon.

“An allegorical tale of our times that subtly depicts America and Europe in the modern era, while masquerading as a touching and funny tale of one haunted man and his family.” Max’s Ebook Email Espresso

Computer whizkid Edward’s adopted father has long told him his biological family rejected him at birth. After Edward’s brother Andrew reaches out to befriend him, the two men forge a friendship based on a shared dream – a sentient computer system that promises to greatly improve the world. When Edward arrives at the ancestral home of the family he believes abandoned him, he soon discovers that reality is very different from his adopted father’s paranoid delusion. And his family learns that Edward is far more damaged than they could ever have known.




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March 18, 2014 at 12:52 am

My new title, Shamus Bead and the Clockwork Resurrection Man

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It will be a steampunk detective mystery set, of course, in Victorian England.  The two lead characters are a gay male couple, as a nod to that trend in Holmesian fiction, but it’s not overt and not explicit.  It will be available in a few weeks.



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February 21, 2014 at 10:39 am

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